With Hammond’s overall climate, food can easily spoil if not properly frozen. And the food industry is definitely one that knows such situations. That’s why restaurants utilize refrigeration units

The advantages of refrigeration aren’t new to us. It’s widely accepted that keeping raw meat frozen extends its lifespan and keeps it from spoiling a lot faster. The same goes with certain fruits and vegetables. Ask anyone working in the food industry and they’ll agree to such sentiments. That is why refrigeration units are one of the most important instruments a restaurant could have. And if they suddenly fail to keep ingredients cool and meat frozen, it becomes a nightmare as they risk wasting their produce and compromise their whole operation. Here’s where we come in.

Hire Hammond’s Most Reputable Restaurant Fridge Repair Specialists

Restaurant refrigeration units are our specialty. With years doing repairs and maintenance services for a wide variety of refrigeration brands, we have the technical know-how and experience to properly implement the right solutions for such units, thus keeping them functioning properly for years to come. Replacement wouldn’t be an option for us unless we’ve identified the unit to be beyond repair.

For those who need fridge installation or replacement services for their restaurants. We also provide such offers. Leave it up to our technicians to properly install them. We’ll do a quick diagnosis of the unit right after to ensure it works without a hitch.

If you’re a restaurant owner around Hammond or nearby areas and are in need of fridge repair or maintenance services, we at Majano Heating and A/C provides the services that you need. Our range of restaurant refrigeration services make it convenient for our clients. No need to look for specialists for individual tasks. With us, we have it all covered.