Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Specialists Operating in Covington, LA

We at Majano Heating and A/C provide the same quality services for residents and establishments around Covington, LA. From air conditioning to heating repair, you can rely on us to keep your units working throughout the year! 

Why should you keep your AC or heating unit in top running condition?

Well, Covington is a mild, temperate area in Louisiana, and by mild we mean it can get hot or cold in a matter of minutes! With such unpredictable weather pattern, it would always be ideal to have such instrumental components ready to do their job. While some may prefer to head to their local brewery and get themselves something cold to drink. Others (especially tourists) prefer to tolerate the humidity and go visit the gator ranch down at Allen Road but inadvertently ending up inside a building with a working AC. Some might prefer the more subtle route and head to the historical Ottis House, where they can reminisce on the country’s past and experiences while getting out of the scorching heat as well. 

What remains to be a factor though is the fact that people wouldn’t want to experience the extreme temperatures that Covington has. They will always go to places where AC or heating is available. Whether you’re an establishment owner or a homeowner with visitors and guests around, you wouldn’t want them to experience Covington like it was more of a torment than a vacation. So make sure you keep your AC up and running.

Choose Majano Heating and A/C if you ever need air conditioning repair in Covington, LA. Give us a call today or send us an email. You can also check our services page to learn more of what we can offer you. Because we don’t only offer AC repair, no, we offer a whole lot more!